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Maryland Professional Volunteer Corps

The Board would like to invite you to become a member of the Maryland Professional Volunteer Corps (MPVC). MPVC is a term adopted by the Maryland Licensing Boards that are partnering with the Office of Preparedness and Response (OP&R) to provide professional volunteers in the event of a disaster or emergency. This program under MBON was formerly known as the Disaster Nurse Volunteer Program.

Participation in the program does not obligate you to volunteer if a disaster occurs. There are many reasons one may not be available, such as family or work obligations at the time of the request. For this reason it is imperative to continue to increase our volunteer membership in order to meet the demands during a true emergency.

As a MPVC member you will have the opportunity to participate in future updates, refresher courses, conferences, table top exercises, drills and networking currently being developed as apart of the new and improved program with OP&R.

We encourage you to go to the link for the Office of Preparedness and Response where you will find the latest information on the MPVC.

As we renew and strengthen the volunteer program we thank you for your commitment in providing your professional expertise when called upon in the event of a disaster. 


Last update: May 30, 2012
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